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Technology & Standards

Translation Tools

Word Perfect supplies its clients with dynamic and efficient translation software solutions, using the latest modern technology available on the market.

We believe that our use of technology is the key to developing stronger relationships with our clients, by providing exceptional work in less time than ever before. Our company integrates translation memory tools, terminology applications, and glossaries in order to make our translations even faster than the industry standard.

Our translators are supported by translation memory tools and operation standards for consistency.

Word Perfect Translations Services’ translators also have the benefit of using translation  glossaries and terminology applications which combine with the translation memory and automatically discover terminology during the translation process. If we work closely with a company over time, the aid of a translation glossary will help us immensely. With the glossary, we are able to translate text significantly faster, as certain company and industry specific terms will not have to be researched. We can work with our clients when creating terminology databases and translation glossaries to ensure the highest quality of services.