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Quality Control Certificates

Word Perfect Translation Services has been awarded multiple certificates in regard to quality control and management for several years running. We take pride in the fact that we can display to our clients what our true potential looks like. We like our clients and potential clients to know that Word Perfect Translations can deliver a quality product that they can feel comfortable with.

Our certificates are issued by ISO, a union of the organisations ISO (International Federation of the National Standardising Associations) and UNSCC (United Nations Standard Coordinating Committee). The objective of these organisations is to ‘facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards.’ The organisation has delegates from 150 countries and has created 16,500 international standards.

The first of our certificates of registration, approved by ISO Quality Services Limited is of the EN 15038:2006 standard. It has been approved by the Translation Services Management System and applies to the “Translation and Interpretation Services for the Department of Justice, Legal Aid Board, Courts, Garda Stations, Garda Immigration Bureau, Hospitals and other Clients.”

Our second certificate from the ISO is of the standard ISO 9001: 2008 which also certifies our Quality Management System for the Department of Justice, Legal Aid Board, Courts, etc.

We believe that the secret to running a business properly is by valuing quality over quantity. While today we are able to provide both, our emphasis is still on the value of our service to the client. Our translation memory and CRM allow us to increase the volume of translation work you need, while ensuring a fool proof method of quality control, with the highest of standards. Our employees are dedicated to providing the absolute best service possible. As translation, interpreting, and languages are our passions, we enjoy our work to the fullest; our employees see the value and importance of achieving the highest standards in the Irish translation industry.

Our standards of quality control run throughout the company. The clients who have worked with us truly understand that the translation service that we provide is consistently linguistically correct. We see that the only way to accomplish something is by doing it right the first time and we ensure that our work is perfect when we send it out the first time.