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Why choose Word Perfect?

Here at Word Perfect Translations we realise the importance of ensuring not only linguistic competence in Translation and Interpreting, but we also take into account the various different cultural perspectives, nuances, and dialects of a language.

  • We have over ten years of experience in the translation industry in Ireland, and we are accredited with EN15038:2006 and ISO9001:2008 certifications, which ensure that our credentials are the best in the business. We hold a professional Indemnity Insurance of 6.5 million Euros which is vital for any suppliers in the Irish and International Market Place. Word Perfect Translations is a corporate member of the Irish Translators and Interpreters Association – Cumann Aistritheoiri agus Teangairi ne hEireann. Word Perfect Translations is also a member of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA)
  • All of our linguists are native speakers of the target language and occasionally of mixed families, speaking both the source and target language at a native level. They are qualified and recognized experts in their subject areas. We ensure that they are professionals; each and every one of them is carefully selected, tested, and evaluated by us. With this in mind, we guarantee the competency of all our interpreters and translators and ensure the highest level of quality control that exists in this industry.
  • We have entered into a partnership with Dublin City University to provide training for our linguists in the area of court procedures, as well as Garda and medical procedures, and we are constantly striving to improve in this area. Furthermore, we conduct our own interpreting courses with testing, to ensure our interpreters reach our expected level of excellence. When it comes to translation and interpreting, we do not believe in taking chances.
  • Our market research indicates that we are the largest provider of a variety of languages in the in the Irish market, with a pool of over two hundred languages, including rare dialects, ranging from Ibo to Tigrinyan. We are constantly adding new languages and new dialects, which now includes a dedicated Irish Sign Language department in compliance with The Official Language Act.
  • We translate and interpret from all core languages to all rare languages and dialects. We have two Irish offices in Dublin and Cork, and all our interpreters are spread out throughout the country. We are able to supply translators and interpreters in any location in Ireland. We understand that our services may be needed in even the most remote of areas; therefore if a local interpreter is not in your area, we will endeavour to provide you with one that is the closest to you.
  • Word Perfect Translations has a vast database of certified linguists which allows us to pick the right person for each job in order to maximize customer satisfaction and guarantee the quality that we continue to bring to the industry. We maintain a strong relationship with our interpreters and translators whilst listening to their ideas and suggestions.