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Why you should add captions to YouTube videos in other languages

If your business does business with other countries, you’ll likely already have used a translation service. Whether you have called on a document translation expert to work on a letter of engagement, a website translator to transform your English language site into a seamless second tongue variation or often call upon a business translator, we bet you’ve not considered adding social media into the mix.

Translation Captions For YouTube VideosSites like Facebook and Twitter are an intrinsic part of most marketing campaigns and large or small, most firms spend time and money developing their social media presence. Big brands like ASOS or River Island use their Twitter platforms as customer service portals, so common is it for shoppers to tweet questions, complaints and compliments to their labels of choice.

But, in the midst of the Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest frenzy, have you forgotten about YouTube? Part of the Google playbook, the video sharing site is one of the world’s most popular online destinations. So why not consider adding captions in other languages to your YouTube videos?
Here’s why you should:

  1. YouTube recently revealed that more than 1 billion unique users visit its portal each month. Not all of those one billion users will understand your video. Adding captions in another language is an easy way to open up your video material to a new audience.
  2. Thousands of YouTube channels make more than $1 million each year. A channel is a space you create for your brand where you upload all your own videos. The video sharing site puts ads in the videos on your channel and you get a percentage of the fee. By adding video captions, you can engage a bigger audience, thereby opening the door to bigger advertising revenues.
  3. YouTube is available in 56 countries and 61 languages. Nielsen calculates that YouTube reaches more adults in the desirable 18 – 34 age group than any cable channel in the US. What would a fraction of that attention mean for your business?
  4. It’s easy to add captions to YouTube and they have a dedicated tool for adding captions in second languages. So all you need is a capable, reliable and professional translation service!
Posted on May 3, 2014