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Transcription Services

Word Perfect Translations offers transcription and translation of audio/visual files in foreign languages.

What’s the difference?

Translation: this is where we translate what is said on an audio or visual file from a foreign language into English. This can either set against time codes (if available) or according to the person speaking.

Transcription: this is where we write down what is said on an audio of visual file in the foreign language that is being spoken. So if the language is French, our linguist will write down what was said in French.


We work with a wide range of formats including:

  • mp3s
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • cassettes
  • videos (VHS)
  • microcassettes / minicassettes
  • wav files
  • minidiscs
  • Windows Media Player files
  • RealPlayer files

How does it work?

We charge per hour. The amount of time a job will take depends upon the length of the material, the sound quality, how quickly people speak, the conversation topic and the format required.

On average this takes from 8 to 12 times as long as the material being translated. For example a 1 hour recording can take up to 12 (or more) hours to translate or transcribe.

Transcription services play an important role in our legal translations, medical translations and corporate translations services and are also often requested alongside our interpreting service.

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