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Website Localisation

Website localisation or internationalisation is the process of converting your website for use on a global scale. This includes adapting it to specific languages, cultures and online behaviors.

Website translation is just a single step in the process. Localisation and website localisation services form a very important aspect of our business translation services for our growing base of international clients.

Simple translation of website copy is straightforward but website localisation is what really makes the difference. Word Perfect Translations reviews each aspect of your website to make sure it behaves as people in various countries expect it to.

We cover the following areas as part of the website localisation process:

  • Language and content – do all the words, phrases and metaphors work in the the same way or is the message lost in translation? Localisation adapts language, style, tone and message to suit your audience.
  • Pictures – Are websites usually text or image based? Are images on your site appropriate for your audience or are their cultural or religious implications?
  • Navigation – Does the navigation meet your audiences expectations? Western and eastern countries expect different things and what’s good usability in European may not be considered good in the Middle East.
  • Data – The format of dates, times and currencies differ from country to country and this is also something you need to consider.

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