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Website Translation

Websites create profit, provide an effective channel for promotion and are a way to tell the world about your business. The global economy requires that businesses expand beyond national boundaries if they wish to grow.

Your website should be a vital component in your global business strategy and the Word Perfect team are experts at translating, designing and developing websites in foreign languages.

How much does Website Translation cost?

Website Translation costs are not easy to calculate initially without understanding and seeing what is involved in full. We can offer either:

  • just the translation of a website’s text or
  • both the translation and web design

The first option is determined on a per word basis, whereas option ‘b’ requires additional research into the amount of time required for the redesign.

If you require your website to be translated but do not have any content yet, the best thing to do is contact us so we can explain the process.

The content that we would need in order to start any translation will include text, meta tags, alt tags, navigation text and anything else that will need translating including images.

To assist in the growth of your global business we also offer website localisation services, and legal and document translations. If you need on the spot interpreters we have fully certified professionals available representing over 200 languages.

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