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Certified and Official Translations

Translations for immigration, legal or contractual purposes, like certificates (marriage, divorce, birth, etc.), court transcripts and service agreements, among a myriad of others, require ONLY certified translators. For that reason, it is extremely significant to reach out for the best translation agency that is distinguished by utmost professionalism, discretion, and a team of certified linguists that works at one project at a time and delivers high quality content within the given time frames.

Unlike translations for administrative purposes (see university admissions or college admissions) that usually require notarization, and can most frequently be delivered by practically any translator, certified translations can only be provided by certified translators, that have been certified by an official body, which equals to quality guarantee.

Other than that, certified translations are also required in the business world, when stakeholders need to familiarize themselves with, or monitor a company’s validates documents, such as financial reports, corporate agreements and so on. Finally, lawyers also seek out for certified translators, since any transcript that is to be submitted to any governmental agency or the court, has to be translated by a certified translator, as a means of proving the accuracy of all information presented in the document.

Word Perfect Translations is much more than Ireland’s largest and most reputed translation agency, awarded by the “Public Sector Magazine” as the outright winner in Business, and the winner of the Supplementary Tender for exquisite Translation Services for the “Refugee Legal Services and the Legal Aid Board”. We are an international, leading translation and interpreting agency, always longing to be one step ahead of our time, to meet our clients’ needs at the fullest.

Our experts are all certified linguists with extensive experience in translating legal documents and any other official document, and interpreting any content in more than 200 languages. With genuine flair and an eye for perfection, we are proud of the work delivered.

With respect to your privacy, and dedicated to provide excellence with each delivery, we strive to become your trusted corner, on the road where professional, certified and official translations are highly requisite.