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  1. How do I get an estimate?

    To get an estimate, simply complete the on-line form in the website sidebar or contact us page. If you have your file or document in an electronic format, you can upload it and send it to us securely.

  2. How long does it take to get an estimate?

    Given no unforeseen difficulties in opening your electronic file, we guarantee a 30 minute response to your query.

  3. Can I send you my file electronically?

    Yes, you can attach it to the on-line form found on the quotations page. If this is impractical, you can send it by email to us at

  4. How do I send my file if it's not in an electronic format?

    You can fax, courier, or post your document to us or just drop into our office for an estimate. Our contact information can be found on the Contact Us page of our website.

  5. Will someone be in touch about my estimate?

    Yes, we promise to contact you within 30 minutes of receiving your request. If for whatever reason we cannot send you your quote within 30 minutes we will let you know when you can expect to receive it. You will also receive an automatic confirmation email if you send your file to us electronically.

  6. I am ready for you to begin translating my file or document - What next?

    If you’re ready for us to begin, simply sign and date our estimate and fax it to us at 01-8748032. Once we receive your confirmation, we will begin to translate your documents.

  7. Are there any other possible costs that might be incurred?

    Costs not included in the original estimate are overnight fees, postage fees, long distance charges and any changes not previously quoted on. These will be added at cost.

  8. How do you price?

    Cost is based on a word count in most cases. The language to be translated into may also affect the pricing. You should check our estimates page for full details. Your estimate will be broken down and you can see where the cost is incurred.

  9. What qualification does your staff have?

    All our linguists are native speakers of the target language and recognized experts in their subject areas. They are professionals, rigorously selected, tested, and evaluated by us. They have vast experience of providing professional translations and interpretations in their respective fields. If you require information about a specific translator, contact us and we will revert to you.

  10. What languages do you translate and interpret to?

    Our vast array of staff is always on hand to handle any language for you. From Afrikaans to Zulu, we can translate it.

  11. How do you ensure that my translation is accurate?

    Our goal is to achieve high-end results on a consistent basis. To achieve this goal, we have a quality assurance system in place. This system is a multi-phased structure from beginning to end to ensure that the service to you is exactly how you want it. Your requirement will pass through the hands of several individuals to ensure its accuracy.

  12. Do you provide translations in electronic format?

    Yes, we can provide you with an output ready for print in most electronic formats.

  13. Do you provide website design and development?

    Yes, we do. We also translate and formulate your website so it’s search engine friendly giving it the best chance of ranking highly in major search engines such as Google. To learn more about our website service, please contact us.

  14. Can you translate and do voice-overs for audio or video recordings?

    Yes, we do. Please get in touch to find out more about this specialist service.

  15. What if I want the translation to look exactly like the original?

    We provide Desktop Publishing, formatting and typesetting. Whether it’s for a product label or website, we will make your translation look exactly like the original.

  16. What is Desktop Publishing?

    Desktop Publishing refers to the arrangement and layout of your document. Once the text is translated, Word Perfect can design and arrange your content to have the look and feel of the original, or create a new and refreshed professional layout!

  17. What does formatting mean?

    Formatting refers to the exact location of the translation between specified margins.

  18. What is typesetting?

    Typesetting refers to the “type” font and keystroke of every word in your document. Word Perfect has over 450 type styles to choose from.

  19. What is a certified translation?

    A translator who certifies to the accuracy of the translation in relation to an original document in another language carries full responsibility for making such a statement and by providing you with a certified translation we guarantee that the translation is accurate and not modified in any way.

  20. What types of documents require official certification?

    We translate documents for personal, business, medical and legal purposes including;

    • Birth Certificates
    • Divorce or separation papers
    • Marriage Certificates
    • Degrees and Diplomas
    • Death Certificates
    • Medical statements
    • Adoption papers
    • Agreements
    • Custody papers
    • Contracts
    • Notarial deeds
    • Memoranda and Articles of Association
    • Court rulings
    • Official correspondence
    • Affidavits
    • Any other document requested by authorities, solicitors, companies or individual customers
    • Statements