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Interpreting Services

Interpreting is becoming an increasingly important service and is in higher demand than ever before. Our day to day relations with the global business market and an ever expanding ethnic population here in Ireland means the need to overcome language barriers is crucial. Word Perfect Translations provides an all inclusive interpreting service with equipment, support, logistics and linguists.

Our world-class interpreters are qualified to deal with a variety of requirements. Our Interpreting Services include;

  • Business – including conference interpreters, business meetings, entertaining clients,  telephone & video conferencing, business negotiations
  • Media – interviews, voice overs, location services and various other TV work
  • Public sector – public services, police, court interpreters, immigration, healthcare and social services

We have worked with a variety of organisations including major multinational companies offering professional interpreters at affordable prices. We can also provide professional business translation services should hardcopy records of conversations and interactions be required.

We can interpret to and from English into almost any language in the world.

The role of an Interpreter

Interpreting Services generally takes one of the following forms:

  1. Consecutive interpreting: This is where the interpreter listens to a section of speech before summarising it. This is suitable for one-to-one meetings and smaller groups.
  2. Simultaneous interpreting: This is where the interpreter relays the translation in  real time however there will always be a slight delay while the interpreter processes information. This form of interpreting is more suitable for conferences and tele/video conferences. It should be noted that this work depends upon specialist equipment if the client does not want ‘whispering interpreting’. Also, if this service is required for an entire day it will be necessary to use at least two interpreters because of the mental fatigue factor that this work entails.

We can also supply interpreters services and translation services for individuals who require assistance.

Interpreting Services in Antrim, Louth, Armagh, Clare, Fermanagh, Down, Mayo, Tyrone, Wicklow, Waterford, Sligo, Wexford, Donegal, Kerry, Kilkenny, Carlow, Cavan, Cork, Dublin, Monaghan, Roscommon, Meath, Derry, Laois, Offaly, Longford, Westmeath, Tipperary, Kildare, Leitrim, Limerick and Galway.

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