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Community Interpreting

Community interpreting is an important service in areas with large numbers of ethnic minorities, enabling people access to services where, due to the language barrier, they may not be able to access otherwise. Areas where community interpreters are necessary typically include medical, educational, housing, social security and legal.

Word Perfect Translations community interpreters are fluent in the language they are interpreting and experts on the public services involved. They are acutely aware of the cultural and racial ramifications of their interpreting work and therefore strictly follow the Word Perfect Interpreter’s Code of Ethics.

Our Community Interpreters work in Hospitals, Garda stations, the Courts, on Safe Pass courses, driver theory tests, for social welfare, with solicitors and GPs. Without the help of community interpreters, people with limited English could not communicate and English speakers could not carry out their work.

The primary aim of our community interpreters is to facilitate communication between two people who do not speak the same language: Therefore our certified community interpreters:

  • never act on behalf of the user and should never speak on behalf of either party.
  • is not employed by the beneficiary and will not act as their advocate.

Providing certified translation services,Transcription services and interpreting services to the four provinces of Ireland: Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster – Armagh, Waterford, Westmeath, Fermanagh, Clare, Mayo, Roscommon, Tyrone, Tipperary, Wexford, Offaly, Derry, Monaghan, Laois, Limerick, Louth, Cork, Dublin, Meath, Down, Leitrim, Wicklow, Carlow, Antrim, Cavan, Donegal, Kilkenny, Kildare, Longford, Kerry, Galway and Sligo.

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