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Interpreting Equipment

As well as supplying accomplished and certified interpreters Word Perfect Translations also provides state-of-the-art interpreting equipment for meetings, conferences, conventions or any event.

Our modern interpreting equipment includes microphones, headphones, interpreter’s booths, transmitters, consoles and other associated audio accessories.

We look after all your needs including the initial set-up, your interpreter and the recording itself.

For us flexibility is paramount and we are acutely aware that events take place in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the type of event we can ensure you have the right interpreting equipment for the job at hand.

Multilingual Conferences

We supply everything you’ll ever need for a multilingual conference including:

  • Soundproof Interpreting Booths – Our interpreter’s booths are discreet and simple.
  • Interpreter Consoles, Mixers, Recording Devices – Multiple configurations to deal with any conference/meeting set-up.
  • Experienced Technicians – Our technicians are at the peak of their game and will set up, organize and monitor all interpreting equipment.
  • Delegate Units – Including microphones, headphones and voting systems for delegates and attendees.

To discuss your requirements and book your interpreting equipment just contact us and we will look after everything for you.


Microphones enable the interpreters to follow what is being said and can also be used for PA systems and event recording. The type of microphones that needs to be installed will depend on the type of conference.

Types of microphone include:

  • Lectern microphones that allow the speaker to talk directly to the audience.
  • Tie/lapel microphones that permit the wearer to walk and talk.
  • Table microphones that can be administered by the system operator or by individual delegates.
  • Stand microphones that are placed around a conference hall allow audience members to walk up and ask questions.
  • ‘Question and Answer’ style mics that are hand held and can be taken to individual audience members when they want to speak.


For conferences each delegate generally has a headset with which they can listen to the live translation. Word Perfect headsets consist of a small boxed receiver and light weight headset. Our receivers are capable of tuning into multiple channels (6 to 16) by using an easy switch and volume levels are set individually with a gain control.

Transmission System

Word Perfect Translations use a wireless transmission system that uses the infrared spectrum to carry audio signals to the delegate receivers. The system works much in the same way as light – reflecting off walls and other solid surfaces. The transmission is sent out from infrared radiators that are installed on stands or ceiling bars. Our system provides accurate voice reproduction of speakers, simultaneous interpreters, and other original sound sources, such as Powerpoint presentations.

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