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Quality Assurance

Stages of Quality Control

Here at Word Perfect Translation Services, we take quality control very seriously. We make sure that all of our translation and interpreting work is well above the industry standard, and we constantly analyse the performance of our staff, our translators, and our interpreters, so as to maintain this standard. Word Perfect Translations understands that our company is only as great as its weakest link, so even one substandard project can reflect poorly on the company. We strive to keep every aspect of our business above par. Our implementation of quality control is quite structured and has held to the test of time.

The first step we undertake in quality control is to identify the expectations of our clients; we incorporate the use of feedback forms, market surveys. This step is vital to understanding our strong points as well as aspects that need work. The role of the feedback, surveys, etc. encourages and motivates us to reach as close to 100% customer satisfaction as possible. Our success in the past reminds us of how well we have done and encourages and motivates us to keep that level of quality within the company.

The next step in our quality control method includes the measurement and comparison of our performance with others. We understand that there are other translation and interpreting firms out there, but we strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. Even though we are proud of handling the volume that we are, our belief is that quality is in fact superior to quantity.

Word Perfect Translation Services analyses the causes of any issues that come up in regards to one of our translations or interpretations. It is our personal responsibility to pinpoint the underlying problem and remove this problem to ensure this problem does not arise again. We analyse the actions of our employees, our translators and out interpreters and deal with the issues at the source.

Word Perfect will, in turn, plan on how to resolve the issue at hand to prevent it from happening in the future. We do that which is necessary to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction. The quality of translations and interpretations as well as the level of customer satisfaction are the foundations of our business model at Word Perfect Translations.

This is our process of quality control, and it continues to provide the best results. Due to this, we continue to deliver the results that only a select few can provide. We are truly a customer oriented company and intend to keep it rightfully so.