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Translation Agency Dublin

Dublin’s most trusted Translation and Interpreting Agency!

In all translation projects, time delivery is key, and our Project Managers, at Word Perfect Translations, are very conscious of it. With the speediest turnaround times and the highest of quality distinguishing each and every project, no matter how small or large, our company has managed thousand of projects since it’s inception. We are an Irish based translation agency that strives for perfection, high quality and fast turnaround times, with translators that are native speakers of the target language, but most importantly, with people really passionate of what they do.

Our extensive experience in the area of translation, the powerful team of certified linguists translating in more than 200 languages and our absolute devotion to deadlines, are some of the things we are extremely proud of.

At Word Perfect Translations, you will only find human translators that can go deep into each text and convey its message precisely, be it corporate, legal, medical, Irish,  public sector, localization, website, or transcription. Our field of expertise also expands to interpreting services, from conference and court, to medical and sign language, and practically anything else in between.

What started in 2001 as an earnest attempt to serve our Dublin clients with their document/certificate translations and immigration translations (which would allow them to work abroad, trade globally or make their life easier somehow), has grown into a reputed international translation agency with a wide array of linguists providing excellence with each translation/interpretation they deliver.

Never again have people’s needs for translation and interpreting services been more accurately, effectively and swiftly met, than with Word Perfect Translation, which is something we take great pride of. Now, Ireland, and the rest of the globe have their trusting ally when it comes to interpreting or translating their content.

We don’t just translate; we give meaning to words and help you get your message across loud and clear.